The ITM-4 is a 4 beam turbidity meter that allows the monitoring and controlling of low levels of suspended solids in liquid media. The compact design makes installation and set-up easy but is not short on features. There are switching and analog (4-20mA) outputs standard. Also, 4 remote selectable ranges are available to handle different products on the same process line.



  • 3-A compliant; third party verified
  • 2 units (NTU and EBC) 11 ranges each
  • Low range down to 0-5 NTU and 0-1 EBC
  • High range up to 0-5000 NTU and 0-1250 EBC
  • 4 Remote selectable ranges
  • 4-20 mA plus Single switch output



  • Filter monitoring
  • Quality control and standardization
  • Process control of brewing processes
  • Waste Water control
  • Whey/tower water monitoring
  • Yeast monitoring/dosing