Engineered for Lasting Performance

You probably don’t think about your PD pumps very often. Or at least you shouldn’t. With a Fristam FKL, chances are you won’t.

Keep Production Running

Rated for up to 500 PSI standard, the FKL is the most durable sanitary PD pump available. Its large-diameter shaft, balanced rotors, and heavy-duty gearbox can handle tough applications.

Options include:

  • Stainless steel gearbox
  • Rectangular inlet
  • Front discharge for close clearances under equipment
  • Hastelloy? and AL6XN? alloys

No Teardown for CIP

The FKL was designed for True CIP. That means everything including rotors stay in for CIP, eliminating downtime, parts damage, re-assembly error, and contamination.

Fast, Easy Maintenance

When maintenance is necessary, the FKL makes it easy.

  • Its no-grease, all-oil bath lubrication of bearings and timing gears maximizes bearing life and minimizes maintenance.
  • A revolutionary split-style gearbox provides one-minute access to bearings and shafts.
  • Cartridge-style seals can be preassembled and shelved for easy, one-piece replacement, and they convert easily in the field from single to double seals.
  • Extended housing studs prevent seal damage during assembly/disassembly.

Return on Investment

Stop rebuilding, replacing, and spending your valuable time on other PD pumps. Fristam’s FKL pump simply runs better and lasts longer. The FKL offers port-to-port dimensions that match other PD pumps, so make the switch.