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The Murzan KUS-50 is the ultimate solution for unloading contoured mixing bowls. Used in applications that no pump alone can handle, the system unloads viscous icings, batters, and fillings with delicate solids up to 3 inches (76mm), cleanly, quickly and with no change in consistency on most products. Additionally, the Murzan KUS-50 conforms to FDA requirements for approved materials, is CIP capable, and incorporates the USDA listed Murzan PI-50.




  • Easy to clean
  • Cleanly empties contoured mixing bowls without altering product consistency or density on most products
  • Improved gentle treatment of the product and faster unloading compared to other methods
  • Provides sanitary, hands-off solution for unloading mixing bowls
  • Can feed multiple depositors from one location
  • Portable for cleaning and easy changeover
  • Designed for CIP capability



  • Batters
  • Icings
  • Fillings
  • Other viscous products