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Transparent extrusion, reinforced with white helix rod is compliant with 3A, USDA and FDA standards. It provides extreme low temperature flexibility, ideal for use in milk hauling.

Common Specs: 
  • Tube:FDA PVC
  • Reinforcement:Clear extrusion with clear helix
  • Cover:Transparent
  • Temperature Range:-40° to 150° F
Available Models: 
ModelI.D.O.D.Working PressureMin. Bend RadiusWeight Per Ft.Vacuum inch HG
PHC1001.0″1.28″100 PSI3.0″.24 lbs29″
PHC1501.5″1.80″85 PSI6.0″.50 lbs29″
PHC2002.0″2.36″85 PSI8.0″.71 lbs29″
PHC2502.5″2.88″65 PSI10.0″.94 lbs29″
PHC3003.0″3.42″55 PSI11.0″1.14 lbs29″

*The 3-A 62-02 standard applies only to assemblies of .75″ inner diameter and larger.

WARNING: Working pressure ratings for all Flex-Rite™ brand hoses are based on 70 ° F (ambient temperature).  Working pressure and vacuum ratings will decrease as temperatures increase.  For “P” Series applications that exceed 120 ° F contact manufacturer for suggestions.