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Data Acquisition and Management System

As food and beverage manufacturers seek to meet FSMA and HACCP regulations for cleaning, the need for more secure and consistent reporting has grown. In response, Sani-Matic developed the SaniTrend™ Data Acquisition and Management System.

The PC-based SaniTrend reporting system is installed on a desktop PC and interfaces with a Sani-Matic cleaning system’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to collect and store critical cleaning wash cycle data, also known as recipes.

The SaniTrend program communicates with the system’s programmable logic controller and collects recipe data including cleaning wash cycle’s date and/or time, cleaning or recipe events and cleaning wash cycle analog data.

SaniTrend stores the cleaning wash cycle data in a dedicated database. The documented cleaning cycle results are easily accessible and can be reviewed in a digital or printed format.