Bulk Tank Washer – Schlueter


4 or 6 cycle–user has option not to use sanitation cycles

  • Pre-rinse without recirculation–only clean water sprayed into tank and drained directly out.
  • Rinse Cycle – Lukewarm water, recirculated, tempers tank interior, drained.
  • Wash Cycle – Hot water and detergent recirculated, positive cleaning, then drained.
  • Rinse Cycle – Optional acidified rinse, recirculated, drained.
    OFF (Manual Advance – Some users prefer to skip last two cycles; some prefer to delay sanitizing until just before milking.)
  • Sanitize Cycle – Sanitize bulk tank.
  • Follow all state & local electrical codes when installing.

65 GPM, 1 HP, 3450 RPM, 115 V Motor, SS controller with signal light, adjustable spinner and easy-to-set 6-cycle automatic control