DELTA S2 Single Seat Valve – APV



The well-known DELTA S2 Valve series covers DN 10, 15, and 20.

These models offer the same decisive advantages and customer benefits as the proven larger diameter valves:

  • All product contact surfaces are of the stainless steel series AISI 316
  • Valve stems are completely made of Teflon. No additional seat seal necessary
  • No dead pockets, thanks to the hygienic design
  • Optimum product flow by use of special seals in smooth passage in the housing
  • Perfect cleaning in-place
  • Can be welded into fixed pipelines, no screw connections necessary
  • Considerable savings in time and cost – complete valve insert can be lifted out for maintenance
  • Completely welded actuator. Maintenance free and reliable in use
  • Valve position indicators can be mounted in the yoke of pneumatically operated models

The small DELTA S2 valves can be supplied for shut-off and change-over functions. They are particularly suitable for applications where product integrity is of utmost importance.

These valves fulfil product safety requirements by means of their impeccable CIP characteristics and reliable functioning. Typically, they are installed in process plants in the dairy and food industries but they are also ideal for use in pilot plants.