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Easy to assemble 3pc reusable fittings designed specifically for most Flex-Rite S-Series and P-Series hose

Common Specs: 
  • Internal Finish:15 RA or better
  • Material:Type 316L Stainless Steel Insert with high impact polymer nut and sleeve
  • Options:Custom Size Variations, Electropolishing available
Available Models: 
Part NumberHose SizeClamp SizeO.D.I.D.
SR050-TC0.5″0.5″ Mini TC.986″.370
SR075-TC0.75″0.75″ Mini TC.986″.620
SR100-TC1.0″1.0″ TC1.984″.870″
SR150-TC1.5″1.5″ TC1.984″1.370″
SR200-TC2.0″2.0″ TC2.516″1.870″