Rotary Lobe Pump – DW pump – APV



Features and benefits

  • High volumetric efficiency The new DW-range is designed according to the principle: “More pump for your moneyâ€. Internal clearances have been minimised making the pump so efficient that in medium viscosity applications a smaller pump size than usual will do the job. This reduces both initial investment and running costs.
  • Ultra-hygienic, accommodates harsh CIP-cycles All DW models are CIP/SIP cleanable. The pumps are designed to withstand rapid temperature changes and can therefore accommodate very harsh CIP-cycles.
  • Pulse-free performance When pumping highly viscous products, the DW circumferential piston pumps run completely pulse-free. This ensures a constant process flow, as required for instance in connection with filling machines, safeguards valves, and other equipment that is liable to damage through pressure surges.
  • Low NPSH-requirement The highly improved suction capabilities of the DW pump considerably reduce the NPSH-requirement (Net Positive Suction Head required).In combination with the absence of pressure pulsations, thismakes the DW pumps ideal for many applications, such as ultra-filtration.
  • Gentle product handling The rotor designs ensure maximum product integrity and minimise risk of potential damage to sensitive products. The circumferential piston rotors, as well as the new twin lobe rotors are suitable both for high and low viscosities and will also handle cheese curds and whey, soft fruit and meat which until now required fitting of special rotors.
  • Easy Maintenance The easy-to-access front loaded mechanical seals reduce maintenance time considerably. All shaft seal O-rings are identical and access to the shaft seal is achieved by simply removing the front cover and the rotors. Likewise, timing of rotors is an uncomplicated procedure.
  • Low noise levels Patented rotor design practically eliminates hydraulic noise and the helical gears minimize gearbox noise.