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The SQ uniquely offers specification flexibility combining sterile barriers with front-loading single or double mechanical seals, external rotor fixing, and superb self-draining characteristics. As a result, the range delivers benchmark CIP and SIP performance, together with the simplicity of maintenance to assure minimum downtime. Together, these features deliver tremendous operational benefits across a broad spectrum of applications. From the start, the SQ range was designed to eliminate potential product-retaining areas in the flow path through the pump and, where required to provide the facility for permanent sterile barriers at all product/ atmosphere interfaces. With its self-draining capabilities, the SQ offers superior hygienic flow of product and meets stringent EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) certification criteria for cleanability. Whether your requirement is simply for CIP to a standard not achieved by existing designs or the extreme cleanliness demanded by biotechnology processes, this formidable combination of features allows SQ to maintain the specified environment with exceptional reliability and efficiency.