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Ball Valves are used in a wide variety of high pressure applications. Two factors make them popular. First, a full unrestricted flow that allows no product restrictions through the valve. Second, the three piece design and the removal of a minimal number of bolts allows service to be performed without removing the complete valve from the line.

VNE offers two way ball valves made of T316 (CF8M) stainless steel. PTFE seats are easily removed. Clamp and Weld ends are standard. Other connections are available upon request. 1/2? through 4? sizes are available. Ball Valves meet FDA and 3A requirements.

VNE offers many options on automated ball valves.

Ball Valve Specifications….

Important Features….

1/2?, 3/4?, 1?, 1 1/2?,
2?, 2 1/2?, 3?, 4?
3 – Piece design – allows valve ends to remain
attached while servicing valve body
Meets 3A and FDA requirements
100% Tested
Valves marked with heat numbers for full identification
and traceability
English hardware
Maintenance and servicing is made easy with
removal of a minimal number of bolts
Reinforced Teflon® Seats
PTFE Cavity Filler, fully encapsulated
Locking device handle
Air Actuator mounting kits which include ISO-5211
pads are available
Repair kits are available
Passivated 316 Stainless Steel (ASTM A351, CF8M)
Clamp & Weld – other connections available upon request
Working Pressure:
1/2? – 1? 1,000 psi
1 1/2? – 2? 1,000 psi
2 1/2? – 4? 600 psi
Temperature Rating:
-65 to 320 Degrees F

Ordering Specifications…

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