V2 Series – APV



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The APV model V2 Centrifugal Pump is a simplified and maintenance-friendly centrifugal pump featuring a four-blade, fully open, non-clog impeller.

Engineered for CIP cleaning, and offering a choice of five seal types, the V2 pump meets 3A sanitary standards and is suitable for applications in the food, dairy, beverage, brewing, bakery, meat, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The back plate is machined from heavy 316 stainless steel plate; the casing has controlled wall thickness and dimensional accuracy throughout; and a clamping assembly uses investment cast clamp rings with a self-locking internal angle for optimum sealing between casing and back plate.

The V2 pump is available in eight sizes with capacities to 500 USgpm and heads to 300 feet. Speciality models include pedestal mount, portable bases, and complete hopper assemblies.