Vessel Heat Transfer – Feldmeier Equipment

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Feldmeier offers several different types of heat transfer surfaces for use on our vessels:

  • Dimpled jacketing
  • Channel wall jacketing
  • Half-pipe jacketing
  • Conventional jacketing
  • Laser welded inflated products

While each style of heat transfer has its strengths it is Feldmeier’s experience with all of them that will help you to determine the right jacket for your application. Each of these can be designed for a variety of media such as water, Glycol, Freon, Ammonia and steam. Upon receipt of your requirements, Feldmeier’s engineers, will design the optimal heat transfer system for your vessel and provide you with the heat transfer loads, media flow rates, pressure drops and media temperatures to effectively operate your new Feldmeier Processor. When (2) independent Cosmetic manufacturers put Feldmeier processors to the test against existing equipment they found that optimal operating conditions meant 40% faster heating and cooling times. So when you are designing new equipment or evaluating heating or cooling discrepancies in existing vessels contact Feldmeier Engineering first.