Basket Strainers – Sani Matic


Product Defined:

Sani-Matic Basket Strainers are specially constructed to strain particulates out of high-volume process streams. The innovative design includes a side inlet, which allows you to easily remove the basket for cleaning without disconnecting the line. Its durable construction means increased longevity in the field. Sani-Matic offers both short and long lengths, as well as Dual Basket Strainer assemblies to meet your specific process needs. The basket strainers are 3-A certified when using the perforated element.

Product Application:

Installed into processing lines to remove debris or particulates to protect product integrity and downstream processing equipment.

Top Product Benefits:

  • Increases Productivity, Strains high-volume process streams
  • Sanitary, 3-A certified when configured with perforated element
  • Safety, the lid and hand knob closure are rated for higher pressures than clamp-style covers for improved operator safety

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