Clean-in-Place Tank Systems – Sani Matic


Product Defined / What it does:

Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems are automated systems used to clean the interior surfaces of food and beverage process pipes, processing vessels, tanks, spiral freezers, mixers, blenders, homogenizers, roasters, and associated fittings, without disassembling the process. Thorough, repeatable in-place cleaning is critical to the quality of your product, the safety of consumers—and your bottom line.

Sani-Matic’s in-house automation programming experts design each CIP program to optimize cycle times, getting you back into production faster, while reducing chemicals, water use and operating costs.


Can be used to clean the following applications: Processing Vessels, Product Transfer Lines, Fillers, Mixers, Blenders, Dryers, Vats, Ovens, Roasters, Homogenizers, Spiral Freezers

Top Benefits of the CIP Systems:

  • Water, chemical savings, shortened wash cycle times
  • Increase your production time available while providing your process with Cleaning Confidence
  • Programming & Controls: SaniTrend capable product when equipped with Allen-Bradley® CompactLogix™ controller or ControlLogix® controller with ethernet
  • Complete Documentation & Technical Support
  • Industry Standard Compliance: UL 508A, Authorized to Provide Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN), Helps meet FSMA and HACCP Sanitation Preventive Controls, and Can be engineered to 3-A guidelines


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