COP Baskets – Sani Matic


Cleaning Disassembled Process Parts

Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) Parts Washers handle a wide variety of disassembled process parts, including fittings, clamps, gaskets, hoses and pipes.

These parts are often placed within stainless steel COP Parts Baskets to ensure thorough cleaning, to keep operators safe, and to avoid damaged and lost pieces during the cleaning process.

Sani-Matic offers several standard COP Parts Baskets with model numbers based on the basket’s handle height.

With the exception of the URWB-5, all COP Parts Baskets have a 3/4-inch foot on the bottom of the basket to provide room for agitation and flow within the washer, and to prevent contact with contaminated surfaces.

Custom-designed baskets are also available to firmly contain and position expensive, fragile, and/or dangerous process parts.