Supply Tubes – Sani Matic


Supply Tubes for a Complete Spray Assembly
Determining the proper supply tube for your spraying system is critical for thorough cleaning.

A spray device will only provide a complete clean if they are positioned correctly for proper head and nozzle coverage, so the right supply tube is an integral part of proper positioning.

For example, if your vessel has baffles, a double ball tee supply tube can resolve shadowing, a challenge which results in an incomplete clean if not addressed.

Sani-Matic’s standard supply tube design is 3-A certified. However, depending on the vessel and soil you are cleaning, you may need a custom-designed supply tube.

Not sure what you need to ensure a complete clean? Use the Single Tube Model Key or Double Ball Tee Model Key to build up a supply tube ideal for the right spray solution.

Good to Know
  • Material: 316L stainless steel
  • Sanitary ID Finish: 32 μin Ra (Standard
  • Spray Ball Connection Type: Slip Collar (Standard)
  • External Connection Type: Tri-Clamp (Standard)
  • Material Test Reports (MTRs) are available