Tunnel Washers – Sani Matic


Automated Sani-Matic Tunnel and Pallet Washers are designed to quickly clean high-volume process items. This greatly reduces labor costs, increases productivity and safety, minimizes chemical use, lowers water and utility costs, and provides repeatable results.


Can be used to clean these applications: Pallets, Freezer Spacers, Slip Sheets, Distribution Trays, Totes, Buckets, Barrels, Molds

Top Benefits of Tunnel Wash:

  • High-impact, adjustable spray nozzles thoroughly clean a process item’s interior and exterior
  • Repeatable results
  • Increased Productivity 
  • Reduces labor and utility costs and controls chemical use
  • SaniTrend capable product when equipped with Allen-Bradley® CompactLogix™ controller or ControlLogix® controller with ethernet
  • Industry Standard Compliance: UL 508A, authorized to provide Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN), and helps meet FSMA and HACCP Sanitation Preventive Controls