Vat & Buggy Washers – Sani Matic


Vat Wash

Sani-Matic’s automated Vat Washers are designed to thoroughly, and more efficiently, clean all product contact surfaces, as well as the exterior surfaces of large vats, bins, plastic combos, and V-mag buggies.

The containers are loaded onto an inverting door carriage and lifted into the cabinet where a high-impact rotating spray manifold ensures consistent, full-coverage cleaning. The Vat Washer’s unique dual reservoir design utilizes a pre-rinse process to conserve detergent, water, and utilities.

Vat Wash Applications:

Large vats, bins, plastic combos, and V-mag buggies.


Top Benefits of Vat Wash:

  • Automated
  • High-impingement spray arms for thorough cleaning
  • Able to clean large product containers, such as vats and buggies
  • Can be customized to your processing requirement
  • SaniTrend capable product when equipped with Allen-Bradley® CompactLogix™ controller or ControlLogix® controller with ethernet
  • Industry Standard Compliance: UL 508A, authorized to provide Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN), and helps meet FSMA and HACCP Sanitation Preventive Controls