DCX3 DCX4 changeover valves – Definox



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The DCX3 shut-off / DCX4 divert changeover valves with their complete interchangeability of options and variants can be used in processes needing circulation and orientation of fluids.
Changeover valves are available eitheir in manual or automated version and are equipped with floating seals ensuring a good cleaning of the valve.

DCX Specifications

  • Pneumatic actuator which can be easily disassembled and modified (Normally Open “NO” – Normaly Closed ” NC” or Double Acting “DA”).
    Actuator body especially designed to provide a high level of resistance to mechanical or thermal distorsions.
  • Spherical body and extra thick walls provide a very good resistance to dilating distorsions. Its modular assembly allows several combinations :
    X, L, T, T/L, L/L.
  • PFA floating seals ensure total resistance to high temperatures and aggressive chemical products. Elastomer seals are also available.
  • Shut-off unit and actuator held together by a clamp for easy maintenance and modification (up to 4″).