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Due to its modular design, the APV DELTA CU4 can be adapted to the various SPX valve lines – butterfly valves, single seat valves, double seat valves – via individualized adapters.

APV DELTA CU4 control units can be retrofitted to the SPX installed base as they are compatible with the APV DELTA CU3 as well as the older APV DELTA CU2 and “red Top/Blue Top”. Furthermore, adapters make APV DELTA CU4 control units compatible with other vendors’ valves.



DELTA CU4 is a true value for money solution.

  • Safety: 100% protection against process contamination from water and other media means less downtime and less risk of product waste and recalls
  • Clarity: Five ultra bright LED’s enabling a clear view of valve status from a distance means easier and more convenient control
  • Reliability: The air filter to prevent clogging with dust and other particles means less downtime and simple maintenance
  • Robust design: Focused design and selection of material means great robustness in harsh environment
  • Robust air connections: New air inlet design with stainless steel thread insert means simple assembly with less risk of damage
  • Greater precision: The transparent tower enabling visual stem monitoring and feedback means rapid and accurate adjustment of valve position sensors.
  • Easy and quick maintenance: Integrated flag window for proper indication of specific CU type means quicker identification and correct ordering of any necessary spares and, consequently, faster maintenance
  • Process optimization: In-built throttle valves control air velocity to always ensure the most suitable opening and closing of the valve for process optimization

APV DELTA CU4 control units are designed for direct connection to a PLC system or communication with AS-interface.