IntelliTop 2.0 – Norit Sudmo



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IntelliTop 2.0 is designed to increase plant efficiency by controlling, monitoring and reporting on all valve functions in the process plant. This results in faster response time and virtually eliminates downtime in the process systems.

The new IntelliTop® 2.0 control unit from Norit Südmo combines process valve triggering and monitoring in one piece of equipment. The decentralized control units on the process valves make it possible to reduce hose and cable lengths, which provides a more structured system design. The heart of the IntelliTop® 2.0 is the ability to track up to three switching positions for the process valve. The three programmable buttons assure fast and reliable process start-up. An indicator with the visual position display confirms this process while the closed path measuring system acts as a protective tube for preventing the danger of injury when the control unit is open and protects the inner workings when setting up the unit.

A visual feedback with an LED multi-colored light (red, amber and green) on the control top is visible from long distances and in all directions within the process area allowing operators to be aware of valve position and potential issues. Norit Südmo’s IntelliTop 2.0 allows information to be loaded to your PDA or computer for service and a maintenance tools allows for easy control via a magnet coded key.