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 product safety is your top priority, you should use sampling valves DELTA PR2 from APV.

With these valves bacteriologically safe samples can be taken direct from the pipeline.

Main advantages

  • Prevention of infection thanks to a Teflon shaft and a special shaft guide. No additional seat seal required
  • Cleaning is assured. No dead pockets in the valve body
  • Internal diameter of valve and pipe cross section are identical
  • Problem-free conversion from manual to pneumatic operating model and vice versa possible at any time
  • Both manual and pneumatically controlled valves are equipped with Teflon shafts and closing springs
  • Problem-free integration in an inline module system.
  • Valve shaft coming into contact with product is completely encased in Teflon
  • Possible changes in length of shaft stem as a result of heat expansion in cleaning and sterilization are compensated for by the spring
  • Universally applicable and may be directly welded in line or to vessels

The pneumatically controlled sampling valves DELTA PR2 can, if desired, be equipped with valve position feedback switch.

All stainless steel product contacts parts are AISI 316L grade material.

May be delivered in the nominal diameters DN 25 – 100 and 1″ – 4″.

In addition APV offers sampling valves with steam connection for sterilization.