Sample Valves – Top Line



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Features and Benefits:
1) All 316L wetted part construction
2) Standard finish to 25Ra ID
3) Tapered virgin PTFE stem tip for positive closure
4) FDA Viton stem seal
5) Positive open stop to prevent accidental removal
of stem from valve body
6) Black nylon nut cover to prevent accidental
burns from conveyed heat from hot products
7) Tapered clamp connection to prevent possible
product hold up area when installed in line
8) Autoclaveable with removal of nylon nut cover
9) Fully traceable (material test reports)

1) Internal finish to 15Ra Electropolish
2) FDA EPDM stem seal
3) Weld end x hose barb
4) Supplied main valve components to allow user
defined size fabrications
5) Teflon nut cover to withstand auto claving

Service conditions:
1) Withstand pressures to 400 psi
2) Temperatures from 0-300 deg F