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The spring-loaded, full stroke safety valves DELTA SI 2 are approved for fluids and gases. They are used where containers or tanks have to be secured against excess pressure. As a result of their hygienic design they are especially suitable for use in brewing and drinks technology, the dairy industry, the food industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Main advantages

  • Hygienic design
  • Ideally suited to CIP applications
  • All product-contact parts finished to Ra <= 0.8 m
  • Pneumatic or manual operation
  • The pneumatic seat lifting device includes the facility for feedback signals from proximity switch
  • Quick and easy seal replacement
  • The nameplate details uniquely identify each valve
  • The new safety valves DELTA SI 2, are approved by the TÜV, for fluids and gases, they meet the requirements of the Pressure Vessels codes, AD-leaflet A2 and the VdTÜV leaflet Safety Valve 100. This means that the valve design prevents the permitted operational pressure being exceeded by more than 10%. If the minimum set pressure after opening falls short by a maximum of 10% in the case of gases and a maximum of 20% in the case of fluids, the valve closes. Safety valves DELTA SI 2 can be supplied in nominal diameters of DN 25 to 100. The valves are manufactured in stainless chrome nickel steel, all product-contact parts are made of material 1.4571. The housing is in accordance with AD leaflet A4 and TRB 801 No. 45.

    Safety valves are supplied with flanges with a 3.1.B certificate. The standard material of the seals is EPDM. Alternatively silicon and FPM are available. An FDA and a BGA licence is available for EPDM and silicon.

    The safety valves DELTA SI 2 may be fitted with manual or pneumatic controls.

    Valves can be supplied with manual or pneumatic seat lifting device. A proximity switch and valve position indicator may be incorporated.

    The valve may be cleaned up to the valve stem via a CIP nozzle, supplied as an optional accessory, this is fitted in a pipe adapter below the valve.