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Vacuum valves DELTA VRA and DELTA VRAH are proving their reliability everywhere that requires vessel or tank protection against vacuum.

The valves are manufactured using chrome nickel steel; all product-contact parts are AISI 316 series stainless steel.

A proximity switch may be fitted in the actuator as a valve position feedback signal, indicating the fully open position, for use during cleaning or as a function check.

Vacuum valves in the DELTA valve series can be supplied as:

  • A suspended model, DN 100
  • An upright model, DN 50, DN 100, DN 150

Main advantages

  • Precise operating accuracy
  • Gas tight design
  • Maintenance-free pneumatic seat lift actuator for remote function control. Feedback through proximity switch
  • Free draining with no dead pockets
  • Optimum cleaning facility due to ball-shaped housing
  • No shaft guide in product chamber
  • Cleaning of the inside of the housing is done by a special spray nozzle
  • Operating safety is guaranteed by:
    • metal valve shaft
    • elastomer seat seal
    • PTFE slide bearings
  • No dripping or splashing of fluids during cleaning due to a drip tray

Tank top equipment

The APV tank top components serve to protect the tank against excess pressure, vacuum and overfilling. They also guarantee the free input and exit of gas during drainage and filling of the tank, and allow for CIP supply.

The standard tank top arrangement compromises the safety valve DELTA SI2 at the centre of the tank top, together with the vacuum valve VTAHS and the other desired individual components.