Hi-Mix Tanks – Walker


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The Walker Hi-Mix is a multi-purpose mixing tank with applications in the dairy, beverage, food and chemical processing segments that provides rapid mixing and may be designed for CIP.

Typically the Hi-Mix has a cone bottom single shell tank design, ideal for rapid incorporation of powders and particulates into slurries.  High-speed agitation is achieved with squirrel-cage agitator and economical helical gear agitator drive. Through the use of an optional variable speed, programmable motor drive various processing cycle requirements can be met.

Customizing a mixing tank design based on the Hi-Mix concept offers a wide range of sizes, agitation, materials, finishes and other options with flat, dish or cone bottom configurations.  The Hi-Mix also finds applications as a chemical mixing tank in the process industry.

Standard sizes from 200 to 3000 gallons and larger, however vessels as small as 10 gallons and as large as 10,000 gallons have been fabricated for certain applications.

The Hi-Mix tank will be designed to the specific needs of the process application.  Options include:


    • 15° cone
    • 30° cone (optional)
    • Dish or flat bottom (optional)
    • 304 stainless steel top dome, inner side wall and inner bottom.
    • T316L stainless steel top dome, side wall and bottom (optional)
    • 2″ fiberglass sides & bottom, and cone (optional)
    • Insulated stainless steel outer dome (optional)