LIAG Pigging System


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With LIAG’s DMV Pigging System, the profile of the pig provides longer service life when compared to traditional pigs. The pig is also more flexible then other pigs, which allows it to travel through pipework through pipework with tight radius bends (R = 1.5 x D), making this type of pig retrofitable into existing systems. The wiper seal design tolerates any imperfections in the pipework and requires significantly less push pressure. LIAG’s sanitary Arc Valve, in combination with their double wiper seal pig, allows routing of product flow so that the valve can be cleaned 100% during CIP.

Using LIAG’s patented flexible double wiper seal pig to separate the product and pushing medium ensures no dilution of product. Tight tolerances of wiper seals to the ID of the pipe allows up to 99.9% product recovery. Full automation of the pigging system offers safe operation, maximum efficiency and economical product recovery, which results in a quicker ROI. With minimal product loss, effluent to waste treatment is reduced and a fast turnaround time between batches is achieved.