Mix & Blends – Feldmeier Equipment



Feldmeier Mix & Blends are rectangular space-saving tanks for mixing, blending, cooling and heating liquid products. Available in custom sizes and features to fit you application such as:

  • Rectangular cross-section allowing you maximum capacity in the smallest floor area. Unlike cylindrical tanks, Feldmeier Mix and Blend Tanks will fit against walls or in corners without wasting space.
  • Agitation – standard twin-bladed agitator in each compartment pushes product against lining bottom and up the corners for fast efficient mixing and/or heat transfer.
  • Sanitary Design – highly polished stainless steel product contact surfaces are easily cleaned. Linings have generous radii; bottom is pitched for complete drainage. Designed in accordance with 3-A sanitary standards.
  • Available with closed tops for CIP cleaning with an 18″ manhole to provide access to tank interior.
  • Heat Transfer – Available with Feldmeier channel or dimple wall construction for heating and/or cooling with steam, water, glycol, Freon or ammonia.