Aro-Vac – Feldmeier Equipment



The Feldmeier Aro-Vac is a sanitary vacuum chamber designed to de-aerate liquid products by passing them through a partial vacuum and drawing out gases. De-aeration is the process of drawing out air incorporated in products during processing. The Aro-Vac is ideal for de-aerating products such as juice and milk. The versatile Aro-Vac may also be used for removing off-flavors and odors from slight to intensely volatile, providing a consistently clean tasting, delicate, natural flavor.

For aseptic processing the Aro-Vac uses direct steam incorporation followed by flash cooling in the vacuum chamber to sterilize liquid, viscous or even particulate-laden products. This design assures initial sterilization and protection from contamination. This increases shelf life by destroying bacteria and allows product to maintain fresh flavor longer.

The Aro-Vac is available in standard sizes ranging from 16″ to 60″ diameters. The Aro-Vac may also be ASME Code rated to 60 psig and Full Vacuum.