Whey Crystallizer – Walker



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The Walker crystallizer can be configured either as a cone bottom tank for installation in the process area, or as a silo style design for installation outside the process area.  The silo style design features an alcove to facilitate access to the tank man way from the process area.

 Standard Specifications for Whey Crystallizers



  • Flanged & Dished top head, 15° cone bottom head, 304 stainless steel polished to a #4 finish inside. Reinforcing rings on approximately 6’ centers.


  • Multiple zones with either internal or external manifolds for precise temperature balance, side wall and bottom head.
  • Headers can be provided in stainless steel as an option.


  • Vertical top entering gate style with side and bottom sweep. Heavy-duty inverter rated gear motor for gentle agitation.


  • 2B Interior finish in lieu of #4
  • 316L stainless steel liner
  • Carbon steel outer jacket prime or finish painted
  • Skirt with alcove and tunnel instead of legs for outside applications
  • Bottom CIP spray ball for extra cleaning
  • Inverter for maximum agitator flexibility and control
  • Stainless Steel Ladder &/or Platform