Processors and Kettles – Feldmeier Equipment



Feldmeier offers a wide range of stainless steel processing tanks. When you need to mix, blend, dissolve or suspend ingredients while you heat or cool them, check your process specifications with the engineers at Feldmeier. Feldmeier processors are available in sizes ranging from 5 gallons to 15,000 gallons with insulated side wall and bottom heads. Standard configurations include conical bottom, dish bottom, flat-sloped bottom and hemispherical bottom (Commonly Known as Kettles). Each bottom configuration can be paired up with either a dome top or a bridge and cover top. Once the optimal geometry is determined Feldmeier engineers will select an agitator and heat transfer jacket to match your processing requirements. The available agitation options include scrape surface, bottom sweep, full bottom and side wall sweep, turbine and high shear agitators. Vessels may also be equipped with multiple agitators such as the Feldmeier “Thermomixer”. The versatile “Thermomixer” is equipped with an on center turbine agitator for mixing and blending and a full bottom and side wall scraper to enhance heat transfer and prevent burn on. Feldmeier offers several different types of heat transfer surfaces for use on our vessels.