Stainless Steel Silos – Walker



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Based upon the proven design of the Walker dairy silo, a range of stainless steel storage tanks has been developed to serve in a multitude of applications ranging from the bottled water industry, to juice, concentrates, corn syrup, dextrose and other bulk product ingredients throughout the beverage and food processing industries.

The standard Walker dairy silos, for installation on a flat horizontal pad for either internal or external location, offer dependable and economical product storage solutions.

Standard sizes range from 5,000 to 70,000 gallons and can be customized to your specifications. All Walker units meet or exceed 3A sanitary standards or USDA standards.

A variety of exterior finishes are offered including stainless steel wrap (either light gauge lapped or heavy gauge all welded), or the lower cost painted carbon steel outer shell.

The silo base is a proven and unique design incorporating a series of “Z” rails that give unequalled support of the base of the product vessel to ensure long life of the entire structure.

Walker offers options in designing your silo to meet your specific needs:

  • Heat transfer jacket according to the thermal duty and media available (glycol, ammonia, water)
  • Options for electric trace heating for temperature maintenance applications
  • Conventional spray down CIP or specially designed spray-up CIP system
  • Vertical or horizontal agitation
  • Cone bottom skirt supported design (often used in corn syrup or sugar applications)
  • Site-specific access equipment