Pump Fill Station – Chester Jensen




    To transfer precisely measured volumes of pumpable product from cooking/mixing vessel into flexible pouches.


  • All stainless steel construction with stainless structural members throughout.
  • Positive draining sink with removable strainer.
  • Filled pouches are sealed by a pneumatic “clipper”, mounted immediately adjacent to the filling nozzle.
  • Continuous monitoring and display of product temperature (measured against set point) to prevent product below allowable temperature from being sealed.
  • Original Chester-Jensen design “double wall” fill nozzle allows rapid filling and automatic evacuation of air from pouches while affording maximum operator protection from hot product.
  • Programmable counter permits pre-selection of desired fill volume and rate, thereby allowing this function to occur at the operator’s most efficient pace.
  • “Sliding drawer chassis” design provides complete accessibility to pump, gear reducer, clutch/brake assembly and drive motor.


  • Rotary positive pump of special alloy 80 stainless steel (non-corrosive and non-galling) allows close clearances to 316 stainless steel fluid head, without seizing. Single lobe design affords minimum product breakage and optimum filling for fluids with discrete particles such as pie fillings.
  • Deeply recessed sink provides for product containment if a bag is dropped or broken, minimizes splash during rinse cycle and provides platform for bag being filled.
  • “Thermal Assurance Package” prevents operator from sealing pouches that are below set point temperature.
  • All controls are at eye level and readily accessible for ease of operation and control.


    Use in all “cook-chill” process systems such as centralized kitchens, institutional facilities, restaurants and resorts.