Rotary Spray Devices



Product Defined:

Rotary spray devices are used when faster wetting is required, harder-to-clean soils are present, or water savings is important. These dynamic spray devices can provide additional cleaning impact from rotation when compared to the cascading cleaning action of static spray devices.

Product Applications: Tanks or Processing Vessels

Top Product Benefits:

All Rotary Spray Device Benefits:

  • Faster wetting is required
  • Water savings is an important consideration
  • Harder-to-clean soils are present

TANKO® RB Benefits:

  • Doubles as a Static Spray Ball, if rotation seizes, the rotating TANKO RB will continue to serve as a static spray ball

TANKO® S Benefits:

  • Additional Spray Coverage, the rotating spray pattern provides bounce back or deflective cleaning
  • Flexible, Double ball bearings allow for flexible positioning

TANKO® SF Benefits:

  • Sanitary, 3-A certified to meet 78-03 requirements
  • Self-Cleaning, Hydrodynamic bearing is lubricated with cleaning solution

TANKO ® CP Benefits:

  • Easy Maintenance, Plain bearing design
  • Targeted Spray Pattern, Ideal for tough soil rings in tanks or vessels