Quad-Drive Series 2 – APV



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SPX has the only patented PLC controlled, R5 Quad-Drive plate heat exchanger with four tie bars for precise closure. Taking up to 1,000 plates, the newest addition in a long line of PHE innovations from SPX makes it easier than ever to install, control and maintain your PHE for optimal process performance.

Easy to maintain:

  • Accessible plate pack
  • External oil-level gauge
  • Simple drive-chain adjustment
  • Sloped surfaces to eliminate pooling
  • Easy one-man operation (open and close)

Easy to save:

  • Reduces maintenance time and cost
  • Optimizes gasket and plate life

Easy to control:

  • Easy plate pack modifications and plate pitch adjustments
  • Run-time display
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface

Easy to install:

  • Self contained closing system
  • Fixed overall length
  • Flexible design
  • Requires only one simple electrical connection