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Features and Benefits


  • Designed to elevate hose to reduce cover wear, increase service life
  • Exclusive saddle support eliminates hose kinking problems
  • Two-part design installs easily, stays in place, and slides across pavement for handling ease


SaniGard® Hose Support Specifications


Hose Specifications 
Suggested IntervalsFits SaniGard® Hose ID SizeWeight
HD15010″ to 16″1-1/2″4
HD20012″ to 18″2″4.8
HD25020″ to 28″2-1/2″5
HD30020″ to 28″3″5
HD40024″ to 36″4″5.5

Note: Product pressure ratings are shown at ambient temperature.  As temperatures increase, working pressure and vacuum ratings will decrease.  Contact factory for recommendations for assembly applications that exceed 140°F.