Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers – APV



The APV scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHE) consist of a jacketed cylinder with a rotating dasher holding rows of scraper blades. The product is pumped through the cylinder while the heating or cooling medium is circulated between the cylinder and the jacket. The medium can be steam, water or a refrigerant such as ammonia or freon.

Product Range

No matter what specific operational requirements a customer has, SPX can match them to a scraped surface heat exchanger. A large number of options are available so that each machine can be carefully tailored to the application. This array of alternatives includes:

  • Traditional horizontal configurations as well as vertical designs to save floor space
  • Special seal assemblies to handle everything from industrial to aseptic processing applications
  • Dasher types for each different product’s processing characteristics
  • Scraper blades in a variety of materials including high temperature plastics or stainless steel
  • Corrosion-resistant cylinders in several metallic compositions
  • Full-flow door designs for viscous and particulate products
  • An integral refrigeration system for cooling applications
  • A choice of variable speed or fixed speed drives in a wide range of horsepowers
  • Down-sized models for laboratory pilot plant or small runs


  • Able to heat and cool fluids with particulates up to 32mm
  • Able to heat and cool high viscosity fluids
  • Easy to open for inspection