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The first completely smooth compensator made for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Made from platinum-catalyzed silicone, it complies with the requirements of the FDA BGA 21 CFR 177.2600 and USP CLASS VI standards.

Common Specs: 
  • Temperature Range-50°C to +180°C (-58°F to 180°F)
  • ?

Available Models: 
Model Numberø Nominal Clamp (inch)ø Clamp head (mm)Inner ø (mm)Overall length (inches) (mm)Working pressure (bar)
SPL1001.0″50.522.14.0″ (102)1
SPL1501.5″50.534.74.0″ (102)0.90
SPL2002.0″6447.54.0″ (102)0.80
SPL2502.5″77.5604.0″ (102)0.70
SPL3003.0″91736.0″ (152)0.60
SPL4004.0″11997.66.0″ (152)0.50
SPL5005.0″1551257.0″ (178)0.40
SPL6006.0″1831507.0″ (178)0.30
SPL8008.0″233.52007.0″ (178)0.20
SPL100010.0″2702508.0″ (204)0.10