Tee-Line Strainers – Sani Matic


Product Defined:

The Sani-Matic Tee-Line Strainers are designed to keep foreign materials such as gasket pieces, bolts, and other items out of your pumps, valves, and process equipment. They are installed before the suction end of your pump, as an economical and easy way to protect your valuable equipment. And, because the Sani-Matic Tee-Line Strainer’s open area of perforation exceeds line size diameter, there is minimal pressure drop. The Tee-Line Strainer is engineered with simplicity and durability in mind while the tri-clamp fitting allows quick and easy insert removal.

Product Application:

Installed into processing lines (usually before the inlet to a pump) to remove debris or particulates to protect product integrity and downstream processing equipment

Top Product Benefits:

  • Protects investments, Economical way to protect valuable equipment
  • Increases productivity, Minimal pressure drop, Easy to clean
  • Installation accuracy when ordered with available alignment pin option