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Reduce your noise level and benefit from the amazing development in self-priming.

The self-priming Ws+ is designed to handle CIP return and other fluids with entrained air and foam. The unique design reduces the energy consumption and noise of traditional liquid ring pumps by using a high efficiency impeller that can be trimmed to match a specific duty. The Ws+ employs a built in eccentric air screw to form the liquid ring required for its self-priming capability.

  • 20-90% more efficient than other liquid rings due to improved fluid flow through pump.
  • Performance optimised by matching impeller size to duty.
  • Low noise level: Due to its hydraulic design the noise level of the Ws+ is significantly lower than traditional liquid ring pumps.
  • 3A (optional) and EHEDG approved.
  • Interchangeable with W+ parts. Inventory is reduced by sharing common parts.
  • Less prone to damage. Small objects can pass through pump with minimal damage.
3A Certified EHEDG Certified

The pump is approved by the EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment & Design Group) as a hygienic pump and is also approved according to the American 3A standard (optional). Consequently the pump can be used as a CIP as well as a first class hygienic product pump.

The Ws+ series consist of 3 pump sizes.

  • Ws+ 20/15
  • Ws+ 30/30
  • Ws+ 44/50

At 50 Hz the Ws+ operates at a maximum pressure of 6.5 bar and a flow capacity of 90 m/hour, while the values for a pump with a 60 Hz motor is 9.5 bar and 110 m/hour.