365it PMO – Norit Sudmo



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Norit Südmo has developed the revolutionary 365it PMO Mix Proof Valve that allows dairy processors to maximize their production time and operational flexibility. Processors no longer have to wait until the end of the day to clean valve clusters, leakage areas and lines. This can be done during the day as tanks and process pipelines are emptied and the lines to the fillers can be cleaned and re-used immediately, adding two or more hours of processing time each day. 

Norit Südmo’s 365it PMO Mix Proof Valve, which carries FDA Memorandum M-b-354, can be applied to any area of a dairy plant where product is being transferred and independent CIP is required, such as raw receiving, raw tank storage, HTST supply and discharge lines, pasteurized tank storage, filler supply lines, batching systems or any tank or vat filling/emptying manifold.