DELTA DKR Mixproof Valve – APV



Double seat ball valves APV DELTA DKR are proving their worth day by day in the fields of brewing, drinks technology, dairies and the food industry as well as in chemistry and pharmacology – worldwide!

They were specially developed for use in industries where the highest priority is given to protection against the mixing of products.

Main advantages

  • Safe separation of hostile mediums by means of two special seals
  • Timely detection of leakages in the event of wear on seal failure
  • Easy seal replacement
  • Water hammer safe design. Hygienic design ensures no product resides
  • CIP cleaning connections to flush the leakage room.
  • Compact, space-saving construction.
  • Cost-saving! Additional auxiliary valves for opening and closing the leakage chamber are not necessary.
  • The ball valve design allows full pipeline diameter, there is no diversion or narrowing of the product
  • All product contact parts are manufactured from AISI 316 series stainless steels and the seals are available in Teflon/EPDM, Teflon/ FPM or Teflon/silicone

The DELTA DKR double seat valve is supplied with our standard stainless steel, maintenance free actuator from the world proven APV Butterfly valve range.

The valve can be supplied with feedback signal indication with either proximity or micro switches, fitted in an optimal control unit or directly into the valve actuator yoke.

The double seat ball valve DELTA DKR can be welded direct in the pipe lines or supplied with pipeline connections.

It is available in DN 25-125 and 1″ – 4″ sizes.


The double seat ball valve is now available for pressure ranges up to nominal pressure PN 100. All the well-tried advantages of the APV DELTA DKR have been appliedf or the high pressure version. The valve is pressure-resistant in open or closed position up to a pipe line pressure of 100 bars. During changes a maximum pipe line pressure of 10 bars may not be exceeded. The CIP-capability allows you to automate your installation. The following are examples of uses for the new high pressure ball valve:

  • Machines for mayonnaise and margarine production;
  • Machines for the production of products with low fat content (LFS products)
  • The double seat ball valve APV DELTA DKRH can be supplied in the nominal widths of DN 50 and DN 80.


The APV DELTA DKRT has proved suitable as a tank outlet valve, and particularly suitable for use at low tank outlet heights because of its special construction. The through flow opening corresponds to the pipe diameter and makes efficient tank emptying possible. Available in the following dimensions: DN 50, 80 and 100.