DELTA SD4 & SDM4 Mixproof Valve – APV



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The APV DELTA SD4 and APV DELTA SDM4 valves are (double seal) safe flow valves designed for safe media separation applications in the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The APV DELTA SDM4 is the aseptic version of the APV DELTA SD4.

The APV DELTA SD4 valve is available as a shut-off valve in 4 standard housing configurations. Other configurations are available on request.

Features & benefits

  • The APV DELTA SD4 and APV DELTA SDM4 valves have excellent hygienic characteristics primarily due to the ball-shaped housing without sump or dome.
  • The profile seat seals provide a crevice-free sealing and the compression of the seat seals is controlled by a metallic stop.
  • The APV DELTA SD4 and APV DELTA SDM4 valves have leakage valves to drain the neutral area between seals. The leakage valves can also be used as flush – this enables CIP and SIP cleaning of the neutral area. The leakage valves are activated at the same time as the valves main cylinder and, therefore, do not require a special control system.
  • The shaft seal is very wear resistant and is made from a combination of teflon and EPDM.
  • The actuator and control unit are standard parts from the SW4 product line. Additionally, a NOT element is fitted to the control unit as standard to enable the maintaining of higher line pressures.
  • The APV DELTA SDM4 is identical with the APV DELTA SD4, but is used for aseptic applications – a rubber supported flat TFM membrane is used as sterile barrier.