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Product Features

Today’s production processes demand parallel operation of productand cleaning cycles in order to maximize plant utilization and optimize the operation of complex process plants. Norit Südmo’s DSV Complete Series of Mix Proof Valves gives hygienic and aseptic processors the ability to establish automated multiple routings with complete confidence. Mix proof technology guarantees that all process and cleaning liquids in complex routing systems remain separated.

• Enhanced sealing design compensates for seal swelling assuring longer seal life

• Completely balanced upper and lower seats assures operations up to 145 psi

• Minimized actuator size reduces valve size and weight

• Fully sealed actuator minimizes actuator maintenance

• Fixed seat lift travel assures proper cleaning and minimizes loss of cleaning solution

• Superior CV’s

• 5-year limited actuator warranty

• Body machined from a solid piece of bar stock


• Safe separation of process lines for product safety due to allergens,incompatible products and CIP chemicals

• Batching• Fillers/headers

• CIP distribution manifolds