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Mix proof valve technology revolutionized piping systems in the brewing industry by eliminating all the problems associated with manual swing panels, and has been used successfully in breweries for many years. The benefits of mix proof valve technology to breweries are numerous, including safe separation of different products or product and cleaning solution, reduced product losses, and shorter CIP times. Mix proof valve manifolds are fully automated and enclosed systems that help reduce labor costs and operator errors, reduce oxygen pickup in the product, and allow for faster changeovers. These features increase efficiency and eliminate personnel safety concerns particularly when hot cleaning solutions are handled. Mix proof valve manifolds are very easy to expand.

 Norit Südmo offers the most rugged Mix Proof Valve in the brewing industry due to the fact that the valve housing is machined from a solid bar of stainless steel, which minimizes the number of welds on each valve. Norit Südmo’s Mix Proof Valves are highly resistant to aggressive media and offer seal material options that are suitable for hot wort applications. The valves are balanced to withstand pressure shocks and are easy to maintain.