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Angle-Line Strainers (Standard & High Capacity)

Product Defined:

Angle-Line Strainers allow operators to clean the strainer element without removing the strainer body from the process line, which significantly increases production uptime. They also allow for both standard (end-inlet) or reverse (side-inlet) process flow simply by changing the strainer element frame. Every sanitary process, whether it is a food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or personal care process, requires particulate straining to protect product integrity and processing equipment. With Angle-Line Strainers, you can do that while also increasing productivity.

Product Application:

Installed into processing lines to remove debris or particulates to protect product integrity and downstream processing equipment

Top Product Benefits:

  • Sanitary, Standard angle-line strainers are 3-A certified when using a perforated element
  • Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN), The angle-line 4” body size has CRN
  • Flexible, Allows for both standard (end-inlet) and reverse (side-inlet) flow
  • Convenient, Operators can clean the element without removing the strainer body from the process line
  • High-Capacity Strainer, 6” body size offered, Strains particulate from higher volume processes
  • Sight Glass & Sample Port configuration options available

**All Sani-Matic strainer products can be designed to Configured Design Offerings, just reference our Product Model Number Keys within our Components Catalog

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