Batch Cooker – Chester Jensen



    To provide a safe, sanitary and effective method of preparing a wide variety of non-fluid food products. Cooking is accomplished by either immersion or steam vapor. Quenching and cooling by water recirculation.


  • Tank, single piece hinged cover and basket are fabricated entirely of types 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Entire tank bottom provides expanded heat exchange surface. ASME certified for operation at 100 PSIG at 340°F.
  • Heavy gauge perforated stainless steel baskets available in full or half sizes. Include heavy lifting bar and “clam shell” hinged bottom with safety latch closing assembly.
  • Tank includes covered fat skimmer with adjustable overflow tube.
  • Dual, heavy gauge pipes support basket above heat exchange surface and provide for uniform distribution of high volume/low pressure agitating air.


  • Air agitation promotes uniform heating of immersed products and accelerates heat exchange, increasing efficiency, allowing the use of lower temperature water, minimizing product shrinkage.
  • Air agitating system and sanitary design affords in-place cleaning capability.
  • “Clam shell” bottom opening basket provides effective means of depositing process products onto convenient work surfaces.
  • Steam heated pressure wall bottom is located on tank bottom for maximum efficiency and also provides greater operator safety.
  • Condensate resulting from heating process may be easily returned to boiler feed system for energy efficiency.


    Use for processing all types of meat, poultry, pasta, vegetables and other non-pumpable food products.