Cook Chill Tank – Chester Jensen



    Integrated processing units specifically designed for immersion cooking and cooling of meats, poultry, vegetables, pasta and other non-pumpable food products.


  • Stainless steel construction with fully insulated sides, ends and bottom.
  • Standard sizes with nominal capacities of 250 and 500 pounds.
  • Premounted and piped air distribution equipment provides effective agitation vital to both heating and cooling phases.
  • Units are furnished complete with individual stainless steel, stackable baskets that may, depending upon the weight and nature of the product, be filled either as they reside in the unit, or elsewhere and then transferred into the unit.
  • Integral programmable recording controller allows the operator to select from a menu of program profiles.
  • Counterweighted cover allows ease of opening and maximum operator safety.


  • Low profile configuration allows convenience of operation in facilities not normally equipped with overhead lifting capabilities.
  • Cooking is accomplished with water heated by steam as it passes through the unit’s double-walled bottom. Condensate developed during the heating mode is available for return to the boiler for economy of operation.
  • Cooling is accelerated when, using the self-contained pump, the water in the immersion bath is continuously chilled as it circulates within the sanitary loop interfacing the Plate Heat Exchanger.
  • Programmable processor provides automatic sequencing of filling, heating, cooling and draining functions to best meet the needs of a particular product.
  • Meats, water cooked in sealed juice retaining pouches, sustain minimal shrinkage. Yields are, thereby, increased when compared to traditional oven cooking.


    Use for immersion processing all types of non-pumpable food products including: muscle meat, poultry, vegetables, pastas, rice, etc.
  • Electrical Requirement: 3/60/208-230-460 VAC @ 10-9-4.5 amps
  • Air Requirement: 5 scfm @ 30 psi