Cooker-Cooler – Chester Jensen



    To provide safe, fast, and effective processing of any and all pump-able food products requiring heating, cooling, melting, mixing, blending, browning, braising, and/or other treatments generally required in these applications.


  • Cone bottom and sidewalls that are fully insulated and sheathed in bright stainless steel for operator protection, efficiency and appearance.
  • Product contact surfaces that are available in either type 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Unique three element agitation system including large, curved, stationary baffle, high-speed counter-rotating tri-blade agitator, and 360° sweep agitator with nylon or UHMW scraper blades.
  • Four component agitator drive assemblies, available in single, dual or variable speed configurations, feature heavy-duty gear reducers and U frame motors.
  • Two piece hinged (and removable) covers with lifting handles, attached to heavy gauge center bridge.
  • Standard working capacities of 25, 50, 100, 200 and 400 gallons.
  • Full draining manual or air-operated product outlet valves available in both 3″ and 4″ sizes.
  • Circulation jacket is dimpled and resistance welded to cone bottom with directed “spiral channeling” of heat exchange medium.
  • Many options available including: larger than standard capacities; extra heavy-duty agitators and drives (for extremely viscous products); modified tri-blade assemblies for special mixing needs; and Quick Blade Release (QBR) feature.


  • Scraped surface agitation together with the high ratio of surface to product volume, provided by the 30° cone bottom design, maximizes thermal transfer rates in both heating and cooling modes.
  • The selection of only the most rugged and durable agitator drive components promise many years of low maintenance, trouble-free service.
  • Standard operating model sizes are certified to provide full volume working capacities, with sufficient free board, under all normal circumstances.
  • Scraper and tri-blade agitators operate independently for added flexibility.
  • Other CJ services and manufacturing include: No charge loaner unit program, product testing facilities, timeline studies, recipe development, control instrument enclosures, support services design, and on-site field support.


  • Bakeries: Cream and fruit based pie fillings, custards, pie and cake batter, icings, etc.
  • Confectioneries: Caramels, fillings, nougats, fondants, syrups, toppings, fudge, etc.
  • Commissaries & Kitchens: Soups, gravies, sauces, pastry fillings, stews, puddings, chili, taco and meat pie fillings, etc.
  • General: All pumpable food products.


  • Standard sizes available with nominal working capacities from 25 gallons up to 400 gallons.